• Adtech Perfect Storm

    A Fix Salon from addictive!

    April 22 - IAB Macklin Street, London

  • “This isn’t the end. This is a new and better beginning” - R​andall Rothenberg - IAB (US)



    Where are we at with GDPR/ CCPA and the Browsers - and what's next?


    How can we rebuild our industry in a way that works for content creators brands and people?


    Fix subscribers come together to plot a new and better beginning. With Chatham House Rules and a format geared to discussion rather than powerpoint, we hope all the smart people attending can learn from each other and chart a course for a profitable future.


    Discussion will be encouraged before, during and after the event through a curated community on ​Guild


    There will be no sales pitches, as little jargon as possible and no three letter acronyms. Just smart people sharing their experience and helping us all better understand the opportunity – and how to best unlock that opportunity


    Rather than a conference we see this as a salon (which Wikipedia describes as a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation)


    I do hope you will join us

    About Us

    addictive is a highly respected consulting firm focused on Mobile, Social and Digital. We publish Mobile Fix each week, which is read by people at Google (400+) Facebook, Snap etc as well as many VCs, Brands & Agencies

  • Agenda - (Provisional - all these speakers confirmed)

    8.30 Register / Coffee / Croissant


    9.00 Fix Live - State of the Nation - Simon Andrews 


    9.20 Fireside Chat; Nick Hugh - Telegraph

    Evolving the subscriber model - with Simon A


    9.40 Publishers; Karen - Telegraph / Economist / Nick - Guardian


    10.00 Richard - Arete; David & Goliath


    10.20 Fireside Chat; Dylan Collins - Superawesome -

    Building Privacy Tech for kids - with Simon A


    10.40 Coffee


    11.00 Agencies; Pete - 7 Stars / Mark - Essence / Fern - Neo / Martin - Infectious -


    11.30 Buy / Sell Side; Cadi - Beeswax / Anna - Trade Desk / + ?


    12.00 AdTech - Joe - Permutive / Travis - Liveramp / Infosum


    12.30 IAB ?


    12.30 Discussion


    1.00 Close


  • Our Event takes place on April 22nd

    Registration & Breakfast at 8.30 and finished by 1pm

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