• Do we  need to fix Programmatic?

    A Mobile Fix Salon from addictive

    October 19 @ Google

  • Blending technology with advertising is an intoxicating promise. Turn suggest the whole process of resolving the auction for an ad space to delivering the creative message ( and all the tracking) takes a third of a second. Nasdaq effects a stock sale almost 200 times faster, so things are going to get even quicker.


    We see explosive growth in Programmatic but a real lack of understanding amongst many brands. And the market is cluttered and ripe for consolidation. So what should a brand do to take advantage of this evolutionary shift?


    And how does the perfect storm of Ad Blockers and Ad Fraud affect this?


    This morning session is designed to de mystify the space with leading players sharing their experience. We’ll open with some scene setting - a live Mobile Fix from Simon Andrews. Then we have a series of 15 minutes sessions that focus on particular aspects of the space. And we’ll then have a panel where we get into the key issues and take questions from the audience.


    There will be no sales pitches, as little jargon as possible and no three letter acronyms. Just smart people sharing their experience and helping us all better understand the opportunity – and how to best unlock that opportunity


    Rather than a conference we see this as a salon (which Wikipedia describes as a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation)


    I do hope you will join us

    About Us

    addictive is a highly respected consulting firm focused on Mobile, Social and modern Digital. We publish Mobile Fix each week, which is read by people at Google (400+) Facebook, Yahoo etc as well as many VCs, Brands & Agencies

  • Our Partners

    We';re grateful to our friends at Google and On Device for supporting this event


    Google don't really need any introduction, but their significant involvement in Programmatic is sometimes overlooked

    This collection of Thinking on the topic is well worth reading


    This start up has an enviable reputation for mobile research. As well as Surveys & Panels globally they have some very effective tools for measuring the the brand effect of Programmatic

    Learn more here

  • Our Speakers

    Tom Bowman

    BBC Worldwide

    Tom will talk about the Publishers experience with Programmatic


    Erfan Djazmi


    Erfan will share the great work Essence have done with the Google marketing team. in embracing programmatic to drive brand


    Matt Dodd

    On Device Research

    Matt is going to talk about the work OnDevice have done on measuring brand effect with Programmatic - including pre testing creative


    Attila Jakab

    Infectious Media

    Attila is covering the brand building work Infectious have done for a number of clients


    Gawain Owen


    Gawain will be giving the client perspective with a case study of a Nestle brand investing in Programmatic


    Henry Rowe

    FaR Partners

    Henry will help set the set the scene by sharing the key trends their media owner & publisher clients are focused on


    Simon Andrews


    Simon will talk about his @Route55 project focused on unlocking the potential of programmatic creative 

  • Our Event takes place on October 19th

    Registration % Breakfast at 8.00 and finished by 1pm

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